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Floral reed diffuser

Floral reed diffuser

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Our natural dried floral Reed diffuser  is a perfect unique decor piece to infuse in your home or office! With a bouquet of dried floral arrangement will definitely add a perfect touch to any home, or gift.

Not only is our floral reed diffuser gorgeous, but we have wide variety of scents, catered to your every taste.

Why not impress your friends and family with our floral reed diffuser it makes the perfect gift. We also have an option for gift packaging. 

-High humidity and mishandling of the florals may result in a lower life expectancy. They are delicate, so please handle with care.
- Dried florals are real flowers that have been preserved. Not every piece will be perfect as not every flower is perfect. 

Beautiful and functional 

All floral design will differ 


• 140 ml floral reed diffuser long lasting smell. 

• Come with dried florals will differ with each purchase 

• Reed sticks and cap

DISCLAIMER - keep away from children, do not swallow, don't allow contact with skin. Wipe or wash off spills immediately with damp cloth. Place a tray under diffuser, Do not spill on any surface. Keep away from heat or flame. 

Approximately 140 ml

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